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We offer the perfect solution for you and your loved ones with a home nurse or caregiver We have a qualified team of caregivers and home nurses to take care of the elderly, children, patients and pregnant women according to their needs, helping them to carry out daily life tasks: personal care, eating, bathing, or going to the toilet, taking medications and other various activities

Service Packages

مساعدة كبار السن

Elderly Care Package

Evaluating the medical case of the elderly under the supervision of a doctor , Personal hygiene ,Keeping track of diatery needs ,Providing psychological support to them ,Adherence to doctor appointments ,Attention to any changes in the elderly person , Help with exercise , Help with going to the hospital.

باقة جليسة الأطفال

Babysitter package

Care of your child's hygiene, Preparing meals or feedings , Changing diapers , Arranging his room , Follow up his health condition , Follow up his behaviours, Ensure your child's safety while playing , Caring for your child in case of injury or illness.

مرافقة المرضى بعد العمليات الجراحية

Nursing service for patients after surgeries

Evaluate your health condition after the operation ,Change bandages, Wound care and cleaning , Unscrew the stitches , Administration of medication according to schedules and doses, Assistance with daily activities until recover

باقة مرافقة الأم والمولود

Mother And Baby Care Package

Evaluate your health and newborn condition , Taking care of you and your newborn during the postpartum period , Caesarean section wound care, Pay attention to your personal hygiene, Reminding of medication appointments, Prepare your food , It helps you during breastfeeding Carry your baby.