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Learn about the medical services We provide you with our medical services with high quality and you are comfortable

Caregiver and Home Nurse

We offer the perfect solution for you and your loved ones with a home nurse or caregiver We have a qualified team of caregivers and home nurses to take care of the elderly, children, patients and pregnant women according to their needs, helping them to carry out daily life tasks: personal care, eating, bathing, or going to the toilet, taking medications and other various activities

Vitamin Drip

Say goodbye to lethargy and laziness with Vitamin Drip, it is a concentrated dose of the necessary vitamins and minerals to enhance your body's hydration, protect it, detoxify, and boost your immune system in the short-term.

Home Laboratory Tests

We do all laboratory tests for you while you are at home, without having to wait long in the laboratory areas If necessary, samples of body fluids are taken for evaluation in the laboratory

Nurse Home Visit

We take care of you at home,Our nurse team makes regular visits to patients with chronic diseases to monitor blood pressure and sugar on a regular basis and precisely implements the specialist doctor’s orders

Home Visit Doctor

Your comfort is our goal, We have the best doctors to evaluate your case ,and prescribe the appropriate treatment for you, or order x-rays and tests if necessary, and follow up until recovery.

Physical therapy

We save your time and effort and help you to attend physiotherapy sessions until complete recovery, we have a qualified team of physical specialists with a high degree of experience and efficiency and continuous training on the latest rehabilitation programs to help you at home with privacy

We provide you with our medical services with high quality and you are comfortable

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