Wound Care Service

Wound Care Service


Wound care service focuses on the treatment and healing of wounds. Our team provides customized care under as ordered by patient's physician to ensure our patients reach optimal healing and positive outcomes.

Our staff understands the complex nature of wound treatment and healing. Our wound care program is a multidisciplinary approach in which we treat wounds, as well as, the underlying disease process and cause of wounds.

Our wound care service focuses on the following and not limited to:

  • Provide excellent nursing care to patients suffering from wounds.
  • Initiate nursing care procedures in managing acute and traumatic wounds.
  • Educate and counsel patients and their families on wound care processes and issues.
  • Evidence-based treatment protocols based on standards of care
  • Continuous assessment and reassessment of wounds, patient care and change in the treatment plan as appropriate
  • Collaboration with the patient's physician
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